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Welcome to the official web presentation of the EMOS, a multidisciplinary research group operating within the Faculty of Sciences, University of Novi Sad. Members of the EMOS group are scientists of different research profiles, mainly from the institutions affiliated with the University of Novi Sad. The EMOS group cherishes fruitful and long-lasting collaboration with renowned individuals and institutions worldwide

Use this website to learn more about us and our scientific and educational activities. Whether you are a student, early-stage researcher, or established professional do not hesitate to contact us

Principles of EMOS group


EMOS places a strong emphasis on education, not just in the traditional sense of academic teaching, but also in the involvement of students and young researchers in practical, everyday research activities. This approach ensures that knowledge is both shared and applied, cultivating a rich learning environment for all levels of scholars


Reflecting a blend of theory and practice, the group's multidisciplinary approach combines experimental methods with computer calculations and artificial intelligence. This synergy allows for a comprehensive understanding and research into the degradation and analysis of organic pollutants.


The group's commitment to optimization is evident in its members' extensive contributions to scientific literature and participation in national and international meetings. This focus on optimization extends beyond academic output to include the continuous improvement of research methodologies and the development of efficient  solutions in the field of environmental science


In striving for sustainable solutions, the EMOS group demonstrates a forward-thinking approach. By integrating various levels of students in their research projects, the group not only fosters a sustainable model of knowledge transfer and skill development but also actively contributes to the creation of environmentally sustainable solutions through their research

Science in Shorts challenge

🧪An exciting task was set before the members of the #EMOS_research_group “Science in Shorts” for 60 seconds.
If you ask us, we managed well and had a lot of fun. 🧪
Enjoy the video…

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