16th Contemporary Materials Conference

Advancements in Environmental Sustainability: Photocatalytic Solutions in Contemporary Materials

The Contemporary Materials conference held in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina, on September 7-8, 2023, witnessed groundbreaking contributions from our team, pushing the boundaries of environmental sustainability through innovative photocatalytic methods. Our participation showcased two pioneering works and a compelling plenary lecture that highlighted the pivotal role of molecular modeling in revolutionizing the pharmaceutical industry.

Our contributions


Poster sessions:


Advancing environmental sustainability: enhanced photocatalytic degradation of cefoperazone using ZnO and H2O2 under different radiation sources by
Andrijana Bilić, Maria M. Savanović, Stevan Armaković, Svetlana Pelemiš, Sanja J. Armaković

In this work, we studied the degradation of cefoperazone, a critical step toward mitigating pharmaceutical contaminants in the environment. Leveraging the catalytic potential of ZnO and H2O2 under various radiation sources, our study marked a significant stride in achieving enhanced degradation efficacy, a crucial facet in tackling water pollution caused by pharmaceutical residues.

Photocatalytic degradation of metoprolol commercial formulation: Validation of the RP-HPLC method by
Maria M. Savanović, Andrijana Bilić, Stevan Armaković, Milinko Perić, Svetlana Pelemiš, Sanja J. Armaković

The second piece centered on validating the RP-HPLC method in the photocatalytic degradation of metoprolol, showcasing the robustness and reliability of our experimental approaches. This validation not only solidified the credibility of our methodology but also presented a viable pathway for assessing the efficiency of photocatalytic degradation in pharmaceutical formulations.

Plenary lecture:

The role of molecular modeling in the pharmaceutical industry: from stability and reactivity to drug delivery by Stevan Armaković

In his plenary lecture, Stevan demonstrated how different approaches used in molecular modeling can be applied in the design and identification of novel compounds with pharmaceutical potential. A significant part of this plenary lecture was focused on the online molecular modeling platform available at https://atomistica.online

And we celebrated Stevan’s birthday. We won’t mention how old he is 🙂