38th International Conference on Solution Chemistry

Exploring the Impact of Nitrate-Induced Photodegradation on Nadolol in Aqueous Solutions

The 38th International Conference on Solution Chemistry (38ICSC) was a momentous event held in the vibrant city of Belgrade, Serbia, from July 9th to July 14th, 2023. Organized jointly by the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, and the University of Novi Sad, Serbia, this prestigious gathering brought together diverse research communities dedicated to the fascinating realm of solution chemistry.

Our contribution to this event was the study titled Nitrate-induced photodegradation of nadolol in water solution authored by Andrijana Bilić, Maria M. Savanović, and Sanja J. Armaković.

Solution chemistry, an interdisciplinary domain encompassing chemistry, physics, biology, pharmaceuticals, and medical sciences, holds immense promise in our quest for innovative solutions. With the rapid advancements in theories, analytical methodologies, computational techniques, and technologies, the scope of solution chemistry had broadened expansively, offering tantalizing prospects for practical applications in fields such as biomaterials, proteins, and nanotechnology.

The focus of this study on the photodegradation of nadolol in aqueous solutions under the influence of nitrates underscored the significance of understanding the fate and behavior of pharmaceutical compounds in environmental matrices. Nadolol, a beta-blocker medication used to treat cardiovascular conditions, served as a representative case in this investigation, highlighting the potential effects of environmental factors on pharmaceutical stability.

The findings of this research not only contributed to the fundamental understanding of solution chemistry but also bore implications for environmental and public health. As the world grappled with concerns regarding water quality and the presence of pharmaceutical residues in aquatic systems, studies like these served as crucial building blocks in comprehending the fate of compounds like nadolol in natural environments.

The 38th ICSC served as an invaluable platform for scholars, researchers, and experts to converge, exchange ideas, and deliberate upon the latest advancements in solution chemistry. It was an opportunity to collectively shape the future trajectory of this field, paving the way for transformative breakthroughs with far-reaching implications.

What is even more important regarding this event is that Andrijana’s poster was awarded. We are immensely proud of how Andrijana presented EMOS at the 38th ICSC.