Photodegradation of Pharmaceuticals with V2O5

Highlights from the 5th Edition of Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials Virtual Conference

December 9-10, 2022 – The EMOS research group made a contribution to the field of environmental nanotechnology at the 5th Edition of the Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials Virtual Conference. We contributed to this event with our study titled Application of Single-Crystal V2O5 in Photodegradation of Selected Pharmaceutical Products. This study came as a result of collaboration between EMOS and research group from the Institute of Physics of the University of Belgrade. The authors of this research were Maria Savanović, Andrijana Bilić, Aleksandra Jovanoski-Kostić, Stevan Armaković, Sanja Armaković from Novi Sad, and Nataša Tomić, Maja Sćepanović, Mirjana Grujić-Brojčin, Aleksandar Kremenović from Belgrade.

Our research explored the use of single-crystal vanadium pentoxide (V2O5) in the photodegradation of various pharmaceutical products. This approach represents an important approach in addressing the increasing problem of pharmaceutical pollution in water resources. The use of single-crystal V2O5 in photodegradation processes is a relatively unexplored area. Our study highlights its potential as a highly efficient and environmentally friendly catalyst for breaking down harmful pharmaceutical compounds in water, thus paving the way for cleaner and safer water resources.

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