9th Conference of Young Chemists

Participation of Andrijana Bilić at 9th Conference of Young Chemists of Serbia

The 9th Conference of Young Chemists of Serbia, held on November 4th 2023, at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Novi Sad, provided a platform for young, innovative minds to share their groundbreaking research and discoveries in the field of chemistry. One of the standout contributors to this event was Andrijana Bilić, a dedicated member of our research group. Andrijana’s poster presentation, titled “Comparative Exploration of the Stability of Cefoperazone and Nadolol through Atomistic Calculations,” showcased her passion for chemistry and highlighted her expertise in computational chemistry.

Cefoperazone and nadolol are both widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, with cefoperazone being a broad-spectrum antibiotic and nadolol serving as a non-selective beta-blocker. The stability of these compounds is of utmost importance in pharmaceutical manufacturing and drug formulation. Understanding the factors that influence their stability can lead to a better understanding of their environmental fate. Together with Sanja and Stevan, Andrijana employed atomistic calculations with ORCA, Multiwfn and atomistica.online to gain insights into the molecular-level interactions and stability of cefoperazone and nadolol.