8th International Congress “Engineering, Environment and Materials in Process Industry”

Exploring Innovation at the 8th International Congress on Engineering, Environment, and Materials in Process Industry (EEM2023)

The 8th International Congress on Engineering, Environment, and Materials in Process Industry (EEM2023) stood as a pinnacle for innovation, collaboration, and industry convergence, held from March 20th to 23rd, 2023. This biannual event, which unfolded both in-person at the Termag Hotel in Jahorina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and virtually, showcased a confluence of groundbreaking research, stimulating lectures, and invaluable networking opportunities.

A Fusion of Science and Industry

EEM2023 set the stage for an enriching exchange between academia and industry, fostering a dynamic environment for the intersection of ideas. The Business-to-Business (B2B) event, a notable highlight, facilitated robust dialogues among industry representatives and participants. The platform served as a crucible for the exchange of pioneering concepts, igniting pathways for future collaborations and innovations.

Diving into the Academic Endeavors

The congress presented a forum for multifaceted discussions, highlighting the achievements and current status of the processing industry. Noteworthy supporting publications added immense value to the event. Publications like the Journal Hemijska industrija, Molecules’ special issue on extracting bioactive compounds, Journal Materials Protection, Journal of Engineering & Processing Management, and Journal of Chemists, Technologists, and Environmentalists, lent their academic weight, enriching the discourse on diverse subjects encompassing chemical engineering, environmental protection, materials science, and more.

Our Contributions to EEM2023

We were honored to present our research endeavors at EEM2023, contributing to the wealth of knowledge shared during this international gathering. Our papers delved into groundbreaking studies:

  1. Influence of humic and fulvic acids on stability of Lobo® in onion production by
    Đorđe Vojnović, Maria M. Savanović, Andrijana Bilić, Boris Adamović, Žarko Ilin, Stevan Armaković, Igor Savić, Teodora Gajo, Sanja J. Armaković, Svetlana Pelemiš.

  2. Application of grape biostimulators and their stability under solar light in rainwater by
    Sanja Armaković, Maria M. Savanović, Andrijana Bilić, Mladen Kalajdžić, Jelena Kalajdžić, D Ivanišević, I. Savić, T. Gajo, S. Armaković.

Our presentations encapsulated our commitment to research in agricultural sustainability and environmental innovation.