Participation at CYSC2023

Participation EMOS group members at CYSC2023

Once again, we had the great pleasure of participating in one of the events organized by our esteemed colleagues and friends from the Faculty of Technology, who are gathered around Prof. Vladimir Srdić. This year, the Department of Materials Engineering at the Faculty of Technology, Novi Sad, University of Novi Sad, hosted the 15th ECerS Conference for Young Scientists in Ceramics (CYSC2023). This exceptional event took place at the Faculty of Technology and the University of Novi Sad’s Rectorate building, surpassing our already high expectations in terms of the number of attendees and the scientific quality.

There were several significant reasons that made this event truly outstanding. First and foremost, it was dedicated to young researchers. With the guidance of more experienced colleagues, the conference aimed to assist PhD students and early-stage researchers in expanding their professional networks and gaining insights into the latest developments in various aspects of materials science.

The CYSC2023 conference proved to be highly productive for members of the EMOS research group, as we actively participated with two oral presentations, an invited lecture, and a workshop.

MSc Maria Savanović marked a brilliant conclusion to her PhD journey with her oral presentation, which served as her final presentation at scientific events as a PhD student. Maria is on the verge of defending her PhD dissertation in the upcoming weeks and emphasized the significance of her participation in this and previous CYSC conferences for her development as a researcher. During her presentation titled “Photocatalytic Performance of TiO2-Coated Aluminum Foil for Degradation of Rhodamine B in Water” Maria presented the results of her collaborative work with Stevan Armaković, Lazar Gavanski, Mirjana Šiljegović, Nataša Simić, and Sanja J. Armaković.

MSc Milinko Perić continued his steady professional development and advanced further toward his PhD. This time, Milinko presented the research results titled “Synthesis of Ti3C2Tx and Its Potential Use in Water Purification Processes,” in collaboration with Andrea Lazić, Elvira Toth, Jovana Paskaš, Vladimir V. Srdić, Sanja J. Armaković, and Nikola Kanas.

Stevan Armaković had the honor of chairing a satellite event of CYSC2023 dedicated to computational modeling in materials science. He delivered an invited talk titled “Introducing Fundamental Concepts of Atomistic Calculations with Tools of” and led the workshop titled “Hands-on Molecular Modeling with,” where he demonstrated how the platform ( can be effectively used to teach fundamental concepts of molecular modeling.